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Outsource Your Errands. Streamline Your Life.

From Sooke to Sidney, No Job is Too Small. The Sooke Errand Boy Helps With All.

peopleservicesPeople Services 

Accompaniment and/or transport to doctors, hospital, airport, ferry, anywhere you want to go. Check in on elderly/ill family members.


House Minding

House sitting and tending. Plant and garden watering. Home waiting for Amazon packages, appliance/furniture or contractors.

courierroundCourier/Delivery Service

Small packages weighing less than 50lbs each from Sooke to Sidney including personal and business items.



Personal Shopping

Pick up & delivery of prescriptions, groceries, vehicle parts, hardware store items and more. 


Pet Services

Drop off and/or pick up at vet, groomers and daycare. Walking, feeding and playing while you’re out or too busy.


Long Distance Assistance

People, pets, packets: pick up, escort, anywhere anytime. There and back; cross-country to cross border and even abroad! 

About Stephen Linnington

Stephen has years of experience when it comes to getting things done. 

Your Time is Our Value

Which tasks can you delegate to free up more time for yourself, business and family? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Stephen Linnington has the necessary tools and knowledge to help you best! 

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